Constitutional Ignorance

A February 2021 USA Today/Gallup poll on Obamacare revealed some interesting statistics:

1. Americans are divided (45% vs 44%) on whether Congress did a good or bad thing by passing the law.

2. 72% of respondents believe the law is unconstitutional; 20% believe it is Constitutional.

A very interesting take-away point from this survey is being overlooked. If 45% of Americans believe Congress did the right thing by passing Obamacare and 72% believe it is unconstitutional, then about one-quarter of respondents are applauding Congress for passing an unconstitutional law. It’s impossible to pinpoint the exact percentage here, but 1/4 is a sound estimate given the data that is presented.

Put another way, about 1/4 approve of Congress behaving in an unconstitutional manner as long as they like the bill in question. This is chilling. The argument by many that the Constitution is a “living and breathing document open to interpretation” is being replaced by ignoring it altogether.

I bet most of the estimated 1/4 are not net federal income taxpayers.

3 thoughts on “Constitutional Ignorance

  1. If the law is unconstitutional, why doesn’t the Supreme Court repeal it?
    I don’t mean to offend anyone, but just recently I read at the NY Times that a new study reveals that the American constitution is losing appeal as a model for constitutional drafters around the world.

  2. Sad, indeed. But not scary. This is a stark reminder of how flawed the system of academics has become. (And by design, I might add. Read some of Woodrow Wilson’s commentary on US government and what the goals of education “should be,” circa 1894-1907.) Reasoning, both deductive and inductive, have been all but abandoned in academia, in favor of recitation and regurgitation. Our children are, for the most part, no longer being taught to think, but rather *what* to think.
    Thank God for professors like Dr. Parnell, who are more committed to actual education than an overarching agenda.

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