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I decided to put Battle4Liberty on hiatus several months ago until after the election. I am considering a new direction with the blog, but I felt compelled to post an update.

Since President Trump’s election in 2016, debates about taxes, business regulations, and general free-market principles have been overshadowed by an intense anti-Trump fervor on the left. The President is a populist, not a traditional conservative, so there should have been plenty of room to work together on issues like immigration, China trade, and foreign policy. But as the Republican party shifted toward populism, the Democrat party morphed into a vigorous opposition. Anything Trump supported, they opposed.

President Trump did not always help matters. His personality and abrasive tweets were both a great strength and a great weakness. Many Americans struggled to separate their personal views of the President from the wellbeing of the nation. CNN and other so-called media outlets launched a 24/7 effort to thwart him at every turn. Our nation became more divided.

The left’s vitriol took a giant leap forward when the rioters raided the Capitol. This event was tragic. The Republicans universally denounced the violence, but that wasn’t enough. Leftists who were silent when rioters looted and burned cities throughout the summer are now calling for complete speech control and retribution. The Democrats have colluded with legacy news outlets and social media cronies to silence the opposition entirely. The gross hypocrisy should be apparent to anyone who has been paying attention during the past four years. For those who have not, The Federalist website is a good place to start.

While Democrats seem to stick together in Washington, the political right is more diverse. Traditional conservatives, libertarians, and others continue to debate populism and President Trump’s leadership style. Meanwhile, leftists are eyeing a bigger prize. They do not seek to convince you of the merits of their ideas. Rather, they want to silence the entire conversation. Meanwhile, corporate America has fallen in line and is purchasing favor from the incoming administration. No company wants to be isolated on the “radical right,” lest they be eliminated also.  

Our nation is in peril. We must condemn any violence that stems from “mostly peaceful protests,” even if we are sympathetic to a movement. We must also stand against any efforts to squash free speech, including the veiled and hypocritical efforts of Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and others to eliminate competitors like Parler and impose their political will on the nation. No democracy can survive without free expression and equal protection under the law.  

There are many issues worthy of discussion today, but debates about Trump, populism, immigration, taxes, and trade are secondary now. We must unite to defend the right of every American to debate these issues in the first place. Without it, nothing else matters.

21 thoughts on “An update from Battle4Liberty

  1. Great to see you back. A lot here to digest but you are spot on. Must hold rioters accountable but not pile on the president. Must be a sense of fairness..

  2. We must hold Trump accountable. Never again. I am a conservative republican but I cannot support Trump. He must be impeached and never run again before we can heal

  3. DJT should be held accountable for what he did, not what he did not do. He questioned the election results, which is not a crime. He encouraged a peaceful protest, watch the speech. The Capital was breached a few minutes before his speech started, which means a small group of thugs had it planned. The individuals involved should be held accountable.

  4. so what happens to the Hunter investgation? Will they sweep it under the rug while they impeach Trump again and block anyone who tries to investigate?

  5. silencing opposition just pushes it underground, which is bad for everyone. It leads to more rumors, more retribution, more anger, more potential for violence.

    1. I might address this question in more detail later. For now, cut the cord from big tech as much as possible:
      1. Stop using Google Chrome and Safari. Firefox, Avast, and Brave browsers are great options.
      2. Stop using Google as your search engine. DuckDuckGo is an excellent non-tracking alternative.
      3. If you have a Gmail account, transition elsewhere. I went to Protonmail.
      4. Get off Twitter and Facebook. Your activity is unknowingly financing big tech.
      All of this is inconvenient but necessary. We must make the difference.

  6. bigman is right. we’re in too deep. I canned facebook and google but most people won’t don’t understand why they must. must win the courts like florida is doing.

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