Illegal Immigration in Arizona

Arizona is now attempting to do what the federal government has refused to do for decades, seal its southern border. President Obama has done nothing to engage the federal government is carrying out its Constitutional responsibility to provide border security, yet was among the first to criticize Arizona for trying to do the job on its own. Former President Clinton is even calling for more legal immigration (i.e., legalize the illegals) as a short term fix for the Ponzi scheme known as Social Security. Those who demand that illegal immigrants be treated as illegal are once again branded as racists.

Polls suggest that most Arizonans and other Americans seem to understand the issue, however. It’s about border security, the rule of law, and economics. Gang and drug activity among illegals is rampant. Our republic is threatened when outsiders are allowed to game our legal system. The long term financial cost when one considers net taxes, schools, healthcare, and other factors is in the trillions (admittedly this is hard to calculate with precision, but Robert Rector’s study is the best effort I’ve seen; go to Racial profiling is not the objective, but we can’t keep looking the other way.

The irony here is overwhelming. When a bomb was found in Time Square, some leftists—including New York Mayor Bloomberg—actually suggested that a deranged right-winger could be behind the plot. When Faisal Shahzad was apprehended and confessed, we were told that he probably acted alone; it just couldn’t be an orchestrated effort. The emerging facts tell a different story, pointing to another case of premeditated radical Muslim terror. Given the chronology of events over the past decade, this should have been the most likely scenario from the beginning, but it just didn’t fit the left’s narrative.

Meanwhile, protests in Arizona continue. Some protestors are violent, and many are not even US citizens. The Constitution’s first amendment guarantees the right to assemble peacefully and petition the government for a redress of grievances. Non-citizens have no such Constitutional protection and have no right to be here in the first place.

Even the NBA’s Phoenix Suns got into the act. The last time I checked, Hispanics have less than their “fair share” of multi-million dollar contracts in the league. They might not play as much basketball, but they are not “underrepresented” in Phoenix as paying fans.

Sooner or later, some nut with alleged ties to a tea party somewhere will do something stupid. When that happens, the mainstream media will brand all supporters of limited government as radical anarchists. Stereotyping Muslims and illegal immigrants won’t be tolerated, but blanket assessments of conservatives, especially white Christian southerners, will escalate.

Make no mistake, illegal immigration is a massive threat to individual liberty. Amnesty means more Americans who would be net recipients of government wealth redistribution (i.e., socialism) and would likely vote for even more. Few illegals seem to understand the concept of private property rights, and amnesty sends a message that the rule of law is negotiable. There must be no compromise here. Requiring illegals to learn English and pay a fine is not just unenforceable, it’s an affront to our sanctity as a nation.

This is not a racial issue. I don’t necessarily blame the illegals who cross the border looking for work. Washington refuses to secure our borders, and proper documentation is not even required for a driver’s license, health care, or access to taxpayer-supported public schools. They don’t respect our laws because we aren’t serious about enforcing them. If I were impoverished and unemployed, I’d want to come to the US as well. I can’t blame most of them. The problem is really on our end.

This shouldn’t be a political issue either. Ronald Reagan, a Republican, tried amnesty and it didn’t work, and a second attempt will fail miserably as well. Don’t be fooled by references to fines and the supposed return to “the back of the line.” Don’t succumb to the race accusations. There should be NO PATHWAY TO CITIZENSHIP for those in our country illegally.

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  1. You must be a racist, Parnell. Undoc workers work for less than Americans. This enriches corporate America, your 401K, and keeps prices low. What are you complaining about? Your economic gripe doesn’t make sense.

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