Huawei hasn’t gone away

The US case against Huawei is as serious as ever. The tech company’s close ties to the Chinese government have created a national security threat. Andy Purdy, Huawei’s Chief Security Officer, is charged with defending the company’s integrity during the crisis. Earlier this year, Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo picked him apart in a lengthy interview, the first part of which can be seen here:

Bartiromo interviewed him again on November 15. Like before, she was fair but direct. The results were no different. Purdy deflected the charges as best he could, but the facts are stacked against his company. Here are highlights from the most recent interview:

The Democrats’ impeachment fervor is damaging the country in many ways. By dominating the news cycle, it deflects attention from important issues like Huawei and China. But the dispute with China is about more than economics. The Huawei case illustrates many of the challenges, including Beijing’s control over Chinese and non-Chinese firms, issues with intellectual property, and data security.

Washington ignored Beijing’s economic and national security double standards for decades. The Chinese have become accustomed to two sets of rules about currency controls, intellectual property, state ownership of businesses, foreign ownership of business, and the like. I’m not unrealistic. These problems won’t be fixed overnight, but any “deal” with China must represent a substantial move in the right direction.

President Xi probably thinks most Americans don’t have the interest span or fortitude to understand and deal with issues like Huawei. He probably thinks the current tough stance with China will blow over when President Trump leaves office. If the media’s preoccupation with impeachment is any evidence, he might be right.

4 thoughts on “Huawei hasn’t gone away

  1. We’ve gotten nothing from the Chinese and we won’t. Trumps tariffs and phony trade war have been a waste of $$$$. Negotiating quietly is the only way to get anywhere with China.

  2. Now Trump says that might not be a deal with China and the stock market is in the tank. How is this progress?

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